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Birthdate:May 8
This is a role playing account for Kenzi from the series 'Lost Girl'. I have no affiliation with either the series or the actress, Ksenia Solo, and therefore am making no moolah from this. For fun only. Mun and Muse are 18+

Kenzi - Rhymes with Frenzy

Kenzi is a street savvy con artist. Or she was, until she had a random encounter with a succubus, who has since become her bestie after saving her from some seriously bad mojo with some pill-dropping scumbag. Her bestie may have killed said pill-dropping scumbag, but really, he totally had it coming.

Now, she's Tonto to Bo's Lone Ranger. Jelly to her peanut butter. Fan to her Tastic. Where Bo goes, Kenzi goes.. unless it's the bedroom. Then Kenzi likes to cram some headphones on and pretend there isn't wild, bed-breaking sex going on in the next room.

Being thrust into the world of the Fae was a surprise to both of them, but somehow, together, they've managed to carve out their own little niche. Kenzi would like to think that Bo would be lost without her - but she knows that she's found a little place called home since she's run into the succubus. Losing that is so not on her agenda, which means she'll fight tooth and claw to keep what's hers, safe.


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